A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Needing To Spew

Determination …accusations …needing to spew
Finding fault …other than you
Wanting a reason …or two
Why things happen …to no one …but you
Look …in the mirror …you will see
The image …staring back …expectedly
The culprit …that’s you …undoubtedly.

Copyright/ October 13, 2013

Comments on: "Needing To Spew" (3)

  1. why is my life is such a muddle.
    Someone to sort it and give me a cuddle
    Like a kitten with a ball of wool
    Mind tangled up, feeling a fool.
    Want to make a definite decision
    but met with laughter and derision
    Someone help me, get me out!
    No one hears me even tho I shout….

    Just a bit made up on the spur of the moment, the word derision was only used cos it went with decision…..


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