A journey in time with Alzheimer's

 Summer of 2012, I started writing poems/prose to de-stress. Mother had lived with us since Dec. 2011, and I needed to vent! The poems helped, but I needed to share , so after much research (my brother  had a blog, and it intrigued me, thanks Dave!)  , I decided to start this blog. Never in my life had I ever done anything like this, my computer skills left much to be desired (still do, but I’m learning ),   nevertheless, there I went, and I’ve not looked back! It has been so much fun. Hearing from so many all over the world has been cathartic! I thank you the readers of Alzheimer’s Trail for keeping me alive. The core of my messages remains the same. Alzheimer’s rips people’s lives from them. I do what I can to get the word out and support research. My Mother is in a nursing home now, and I’m thankful for the caring hands and hearts  who surround her.   I’m thankful to  my husband and son for supporting me. Without their help,   couldn’t have kept Mother at home  as long as we  did.   I like being around her. I hate the path she’s on, and I want to make her days  easier.   Again  THANKS TO YOU THE READERS,  IT TOUCHES MY HEART KNOWING YOU’RE OUT THERE!   

Caring Is Sharing/sg

Comments on: "Alzheimer’s Trail – ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY" (4)

  1. Congratulations to stepping out of your comfort zone two way: inviting you mom to live with you and starting a blog. Both overwhelming at the same time. Glad you decided to try. 😉


  2. misswhiplash said:

    your blog is great and we can feel the pain and frustration that you sometimes feel..so keep it up, love to you and your Mom xxxx


  3. So glad you started your blog Sheila and that I ‘met’ you. Many congratulations on your one year anniversary of blogging and so glad that it has been such a positive thing for you as you have shared your and your mother’s journey through this maze of Alzheimer’s. Prayers and blessings coming your way… 🙂


  4. sugarbeechronicles said:

    I’m glad you started your blog and shared your thoughts and talent fir poetry. Most of all, I’m thrilled it help you cope. ~Susan. 💞


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