A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Leave you for a short while
You forget why I have gone
You express concern and want to know
If there is something wrong.

You’re told I will be back soon
No reason to despair
But even though  you’re safe and sound
You worry I’m not there.

Why should you have such worry
Why should you have such grief
No comforting seems to help
Bring about relief.

Upon return, I find you napping
Worries far away
Short term memory loss
Has been a friend today.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes / September 2012

This is true as it was a year ago.  Since placement in the Nursing Home, Mother’s anger is directed to those caregivers, and I pray for their endurance, empathy, kindness daily.  They are wonderful, the entire facility has given me peace about her care, I visit daily and usually an hour (maybe 2 if there’s a good old movie on …smile)   Still the Alzheimer’s marches on!  On Tuesday of coming week,  plans are for an outing, please pray it goes well.  She has cabin fever and I want her to know she’s not “stuck”.

Comments on: "Caring Is Sharing – Short Leave – repost from Sep. 2012" (1)

  1. All you can do is try the outing and hope for the best. Have a relaxing time off.


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