A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Fighting For Sanity

Always pondering
Always wondering
What’s it about
Always skeptical
Always a critic
It’s your way …no doubt
I do …remember
You say in a rush
I know what I know
Emphatic …no blush
Defiantly …strong
Always right …never wrong.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ August 13, 2013

Comments on: "Fighting For Sanity" (5)

  1. The need to convince oneself must be an inborn survival strategy, do you think?


  2. It is not easy coping with Alzheimers…in fact it is damn hard..for everyone, the sufferer, the carers and the family…but remember that no matter how hard it gets and how frustrating things become..I shall always be praying for you all and I know without doubt that my Friend above hears every word…. Bless you all and may today be better than yesterday, and tomorrow be better than today…be positive
    love P


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