A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Just Jelling

He’s yelling? No Jelling! Just making noise
Needs …attention …just …like …the boys
Scary …yeah …for a minute …me too
His cries …came …out of the blue
His needs are met … not happy yet
And now …yes of course …a duet!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ July 30, 2013

Again I’m impressed  with the staff,  they are so calm and caring.  Just another day on the unit!

Comments on: "Just Jelling" (7)

  1. Hope things are going well with your mom Sheila – and you too of course 🙂


    • Mom is doing ok. still delusioinal, hallucinations. But the difference is, I can come home and regroup. The staff rotates 8 hr. shifts and have been thru all this before. I still wish it could be different, but honestly, I’m healthier and she is better off.


      • That’s good to know that she is doing well and you can rest in the knowledge that she is in great hands, being looked after. Also, you are getting the respite you so badly need so that you can keep well too! I’m feeling very burdened right now about my daughter and the stress I experience over my worry for her and her future. She wants to move out and gain some independence and I have been trying for a while to get the proper support in place for her. I don’t feel she is ready but she thinks it will help her gain some motivation, she doesn’t have any right now. I think I need to take my hands off the wheel just a little and see where we go…I know it’s a different situation to you and your mom, but as carers we do experience the same levels of stress and this can really mess us up in many ways if we let it! So glad you are healthier. Sorry Sheila, didn’t mean to write such a long message, but thanks for listening anyway! Have a lovely weekend 🙂


      • Loved hearing from you. Yes we do carry the same stress/burdens. I’m praying your daughter does well. As parents, we want our kids th thrive/survive on their own. You have a good plan. They say, plan your work, then work your plan. Hands off Momma! Thanks again for reading me. I am feeling better, but have bronchitis this week….gosh….Texas crud they call it ….lol….my resistence has been low…evidently!


      • Ahh, thanks Sheila, I really appreciate that! I love reading your journey! Sorry you have the ‘Texas crud’ as they call it and hoping you feel you much better now. I always think that any kind of bug is worse in the summer. Time for you to build up your immunity again and keep getting healthy…:-)


  2. How does the staff keep it together. Lots of down time? Makes me wonder because my BGYN used to take off a week a month and he didn’t even have to deal with crying newborns.


  3. The staff rotate 8 hrs at a time. They’ve been with the dementia, Alz patients and just click like clock work. The terrific nurses aides make all the difference. I just love them.!!!!!


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