A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Has …To Be

You prowl …checking things out
Looking …for an out …no doubt
Your peers …a bit strange …deranged
You jump a mile …they’re in your way
Suspicions grow …as does the day
Delusions …haunting …you’re  ajar
You have no idea … where you are
Then you say …‘this is not for me ‘
I smile …I frown …has …to be

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ July 25, 2013

Mom’s been in the secure unit at the Nursing Center …over a week now .   I’m grateful for the caring staff,  they are sensitive to her needs.  She actually says Hi Sis, glad you’re here.  Awesome.  When I leave, she peers through the small window in the door and waves to me with her fingers, brings me tears every time!

Comments on: "Has …To Be" (4)

  1. Hopefully it will become easier as time goes by, for you. Your mom sounds she’s settled in OK?


  2. sugarbeechronicles said:

    It sounds like your mom is getting settled in. I nearly cried at your last sentence; I can picture it….. ~Susan


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