A journey in time with Alzheimer's

You hesitate …me too

You hesitate …me …too
You follow me down the hall
I look back ..tears flowing
Must go …it needs …to be
Watching you walk away from me
The hardest thing …I’ll ever do
I’m your caregiver …to protect you
We NEED  others …on our team
You were … too strong for me
It’s NOT … how I wanted it to be
I turned  … walked   …away
Knowing others … caring …too
Keeps my heart …from being blue!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ July 16, 2013

Comments on: "You hesitate …me too" (6)

  1. Compton Andrew Nunes said:

    And i cry with you too Cuzieeeeee……..


    • thanks Comp Gotta tell you, we were looking at the pic boards and I said to Mother, there’s Compton, Barbara’s son, you know, he sent you the stuffed kangaroo/baby from Australia. She said, where’s my kangaroo, I said, at my house, I’ll bring it tomorrow!


  2. So moving…


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