A journey in time with Alzheimer's

A Loving Mother

L ocked onto a path that is endless confusion

Z est for life, always wanting to learn

H ope they find a cure, in time for her

E ndlessly yearning to do for self

I  t  only takes one to make a difference, we are five strong

any silently walk beside us

E very day you go further away, come closer momma

R emember us momma

S iblings, all five, we love you momma

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ September 2012

Well, it’s here, check in day at the Nursing Home.  I’ve been busy for days getting Mother’s clothes etc. ready.  I’ve written her name on EVERYTHING.  Her framed FACES are ready too!  I’m going to sleep for days after today!  Do you remember the first day of school, when your kids were 5 yrs. old?  Well, I’m that Mother nervous and yet relieved  the bus is coming down the street!  

Comments on: "A Loving Mother – repost from September 2012 – (HERE COMES THE BUS!)" (4)

  1. You are one brave lady Sheila…yes I do remember that first day of school, and what a beautiful and touching way to describe how you are feeling now, today, about the massive changes you are facing for your mother, your family, for yourself. This is a marker in the sand, a momentous day and a very bittersweet day. When it is all over with, you go and sleep, and sleep some more, and wake up refreshed, ready to start this next chapter in your life and that of your dear, sweet mother’s. Prayers…x


  2. The poem is wonderful and I’m glad you reposted it.
    As Sherri says, now you can rest, but first the experience of the first-day-of-school mom. I supposed life will feel strange in your house for a while…


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