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My Muse Moves

If you’ve ever been emotionally drained, then you will understand where I am. I can no longer care for my Mother in our home. Her Alzheimer’s nature is strong. I am sad.   She will move into the Nursing Center, five minutes from my home, this coming Tuesday. We have set that day as moving in day, my husband is off   work,  she responds to the male influence  better than the female. My husband and son have been rocks for me, and have been instrumental in Mom’s care. We plan on moving the entire  room, as much as possible.  She will have the surroundings she’s had since coming to Texas in 2011. I’m taking her wall of pictures and mounting them on poster boards to frame, hopefully it’ll comfort her and be reminders, her family,  love her dearly. In her lucid time 2 days ago, we talked extensively. We went to the facility and walked the halls, and picked out the room more suitable to her from the ones open. Mother met several residents and I’m hoping she’ll remember them on Tuesday.   We’ve prayed with our Pastor who came to our home and visited. Mother is as ready as she’ll ever be.   Having her in the moment, lucid, and cooperative would be ideal,  but there’s no way to know how this is going to play out.  The move down here was traumatic.  We  covet your prayers for a better transition.  I thank you for reading Alzheimer’s Trail, and we will continue on this journey in poems/prose as the days and months and years play out, as long as I have my muse, I will write of her plight.

Caring Is Sharing/ Sheila Grimes/ July 13, 2013

Comments on: "My Muse Moves" (8)

  1. sugarbeechronicles said:

    I understand completely where you are in all this. Emotionally drained? Oh, wow, yes; I have been there for many, many years — first with my mom who we moved to a nursing home about 1-1/2 years ago. I just couldn’t handle taking care of her and taking care of him simultaneously, with brothers who barely helped with Mom and dumped everything on me and my sister. With my late husband, it was almost a decade and a half of a controlling husband in his healthy years, then his demands and playing up his illness to the hilt for the last eight, and that’s all done, thankfully; his son took him in, and eventually went to a nursing home. Now that chapter is closed. Husband is gone. Mom is still in the nursing home.

    I feel for you; Sheila. It’s a hard road to take care of then ask for others to do the round-the-clock-care. Sometimes it’s all much, too much, to handle daily. It can be detrimental to your all around health; your husband’s, too. My prayers are with you; everyone will be fine. ~Susan xx 🙂


  2. If I said in the past week, I had a ‘feeling’ you would not believe me, so I won’t–but I can’t believe I did.

    Wonderful to hear you won’t need to travel miles and hours. Must at least be somewhat comforting? I hope?


    • Yes …she’s close, I couldn’t bear it otherwise. Your ‘feeling” was right on’. I’ve seen it coming myself, just didn’t want it to be, but we are where we are. I need help!


  3. I want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time. Please do take care of yourself.


  4. Never an easy decision, but one that has to be made. Sending thougths and prayers for you and your family during this transition and beyond…


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