A journey in time with Alzheimer's

The Comforting tree

The tree stood strong and tall …he leaned against it’s wall
A  scholar … poet … writer …breaking free …sharing words
His life was short  … why …thought provoking
Tears of pain …to say the least …we cry
One day the tree …fell …a random storm?
It laid upon the ground …it was found …a logger tossed it in
With others …just as thin …deciding it was good
It traveled to a mill …many miles …a process thru loving hands
Became paper …white and wide ..a folded sheet …a card
On its pages … comforting words written for hurting hearts
In boxes to a store ..bought by grieving souls …need to share
Love … joy … pain of loss …kind words …hard to say
Written … a poetic way …give hugs …smiles …sympathy
Finally sets upon a table of a grieving sister/friend
Sharing how sad they feel , the loss  unreal
Heavy hearts ’n minds , …miss the soul
How bad a heart can feel …must celebrate the life
And all the souls he touched, with a stroke of   pen
His life mattered …much …from the tree he leaned on
To the card it became, a full circle made. To pen the loving
Thoughts to a mother in pain. All part of the life he portrayed
And his love matters …forever …gained.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ July 5, 2013

My mind is caught up in the tragedy of my nephew Kyle, please bear with me as my heart works through this.  Mother is doing o.k.  We maintain one day at a time.  My heart aches for this loss, but life must go on.  Thanks for all who read and endure me at this time.

Comments on: "In memory of Kyle Joseph Knapp September 1989 – June 2013" (6)

  1. So powerful, Sheila and I really like the full life cycles coming full circle. Indeed comforting.

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  2. So beautiful Sheila, because as you always tell me, it is written from the heart. Prayers for you during this difficult time of grief…

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  3. So beautiful Sheila, because as you always tell me, it’s written from the heart. Prayers for you at this difficult time of grief…


  4. Sheila, I tried to comment here earlier but nothing happened so trying again, just to say I’m thinking of you and prayers coming your way…


  5. Beautiful words Sheila…Thinking of you, sending prayers…

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