A journey in time with Alzheimer's

All that anger …just for me
Mean stares ……just for me
Get up/leave …..just for me
Don’t join in ….just for me
Hurtful words ….just for me
No kindness ……just for me

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ May 28, 2013

Comments on: "Taking Direct Hits Here!" (4)

  1. Like I recently told someone, “She’s angry at the situation. Not you.” I hope that you never take her words, looks or actions personally. I’m sure she’s just angry with the lack of control and since you’re there, you just happen to be the one who becomes the target of such anger. I’m sorry. It must be so difficult. I can’t even imagine.


  2. Sorry to hear this is not a good day. Knowing something with your head doesn’t always hurt the heart less.


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