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Liebster Blog Award


One of the wonderful things about blogging, is that others read you.  I am honored that I have been nominated for the  LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD from    Eva Van Beek,     http://evavanbeek.com/2013/05/25/awards/.  Eva captures so many emotions/feelings  in her writings,  I tend to read the poems of this exquisite  writer.  She’s  worth your time, don’t miss out on a good read,  visit her site!

The rules for the award are as follows:

Step One: Thank the Liebster-winning blogger who nominated you (see above)
Step Two: Post 11 facts about yourself.
Step Three: Answer the 11 Questions your nominee asked you.
Step Four: Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
Step Five: Recognize 11 blogs (doesn’t have to be eleven) that you feel deserve recognition. These blogs should have less than 200 followers to the best of your knowledge
Step Six: Display the award badge on your blog. Image above

Eleven facts about myself:

l. I make/love homemade ice-cream.
2. I have red toenails!
3. I was named after my Mom, by my Dad.
4. I like swimming …my above ground pool to open soon!
5. I enjoy walking, need to restart AGAIN!
6. Purple is my favorite color.
7. I miss working!
8. I love to laugh!
9. I love to swing.
l0. Writing Alzheimer’s Trail has been fun!
ll.  I’m a dreamer!

Questions from Eva;
1. If you were granted one wish, what would it be?  THAT MY MOM’S ALZHEIMER’S WOULD GO AWAY!
2. Who is the person you mostly run to, when things go wrong?  MY HUSBAND.
3. If you could have one skill (that you do not have now), what would it be?  HAVEN’T A CLUE.
4. Have you lived outside your country and if yes where?  ICELAND  WHEN MY HUSBAND WAS IN U.S.NAVY.
5. What upsets you most? (can be a behaviour or a fact)  WHEN I CAN’T GET THRU TO MY MOM.
6. How many friends from other nations (close friends) do you have?  MY COUSIN COMPTON IN AUSTRALIA.
7. What most important thing have you learned in 2012? TO KEEP GOING …
8. If you could say one thing in front of the United Nations General Assembly, what would it be? WHAT WOULD WORK!
9. When last did you really laugh?  I LIKE TO LAUGH …DAILY!
10. Biggest regret?  NONE
11. Greatest joy? WHEN MY KIDS WERE BORN!

Questions for my nominees:

l. Who’s your hero?
2. Why do you write?
3. Where’s your special place to write?
4. What time of the day do you write best?
5. What kinds of books do you read?
6. How far away is your furtherest follower?
7. What brings you joy?
8. How long have you been blogging?
9. What’s your favorite part of blogging?
10. Where did you learn about blogging?
11. What or who is your muse?

Deserving bloggers – My  nominees for   THE LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD!

l.  http://marblesontrains.wordpress.com/
2. http://writergirl259.wordpress.com/

Thanks again   Eva Van Beek,     http://evavanbeek.com/2013/05/25/awards/    YOU MADE MY DAY!

Comments on: "Liebster Blog Award" (6)

  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful poetry and I’m happy to hear that you laugh on a daily basis!


  2. Congratulations, Sheila. Way to go.


  3. Sheila, I realised that I never thanked you here for nominating me for this award, so sorry! I haven’t been able to get to this yet but will do very soon! Many congratulations to you too for all your recent, very well deserved awards 🙂


  4. Sheila, I realised that I never did thank you here for nominating me for this award, so sorry. Things haven’t been going to well with my daughter lately so I’ve been a bit distracted but I hope to get to this very soon! Many congratulations to you once again for all your recent, very well deserved awards! 🙂


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