A journey in time with Alzheimer's

A Safe Place

To poke ‘n peek ‘n probe
A safe place
To tuck away your STUFF
A safe place
To feel warm and  cozy
A safe place
To obsess and hallucinate
A safe place
To soar delusional  skies
A safe place
To covet all your own
A safe place
To be in disarray
A safe place
A little bit …of  home.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ May 3, 2013

It’s been almost a year and a half since Mom came to our home.   Few days go by that she doesn’t talk about HER HOME (meaning N.Y.) but now she says (HER ROOM), THAT’S PROGRESS!  A LITTLE BIT OF HOME!

Comments on: "A Safe Place" (3)

  1. Hey, I’ve not been back to my home state of Connecticut for 25 years..I still speak of it as home! Your mom sees N.Y. as the last place that she called her own..so it is great progress that she has settled in to the point where she calls a room her own.

    Great post as usual!


  2. Good to hear you see ‘progress’. That makes for a less taxing time, I hope.


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