A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Mind Food

Positive attitudes … actions
SHOULD chase …  blues  …away
But …mind you …they won’t stay
Without a proper environment
In which …to play

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ April 26, 2013

Comments on: "Mind Food" (4)

  1. misswhiplash said:

    Just dwell upon the good things that you could possibly do
    Then life will seem much lighter and you will not be blue.
    See the stars that twinkle at night
    see the sun shining so bright
    Hear the birds sing in the tree
    Love your life, be as it be
    God is there to take the strain and listen to your fear
    Never will He leave you ..He is always near

    love from me xxxx


    • you are a poet too! you are so right. I report and hopefullly put a brighter note on mom’s doings, and moods, but sometimes get sucked into her reality! Thanks for the poem, it’s delightful!


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