A journey in time with Alzheimer's

When things are  haywire,  I look up to heaven and say REALLY! SERIOUSLY? I CAN SCREAM? YES YOU CAN! (I HEAR THE LORD TELLING ME, REALLY I DO).

Most days  Mother is content to do her daily ritual, which includes taking a  late  morning shower (if she wants  to …sometimes I nudge),  have her cream of wheat (with cinnamon), takes her medications (crushed in chocolate pudding – NATURALLY!)  strolls  outside and enjoys  the sunshine ( she likes  80  degrees),  and then she’s ready for a nap (maybe)!

 T.V. is her entertainment … she doesn’t read well anymore,  (she’s memorized parts of the Bible) or write  legibly (she wrote down   her favorite songs  over the years).  She does like old movies (Sending for the Scarlet Pimpernel recently)  and she LOVES TO SING (she’s memorized many love songs from the 40’s and 50’s )  and WHISTLE, she’s very good at whistling tunes!

She’s not interested in any crafts I’ve suggested, doesn’t like any kind of board games   and the  list just goes on and on.

  Her life was raising children and  taking care of her home.   She obsesses over her delusions and hallucinations.  She hears her youngest son  ALL THE TIME, and  scurries  from her room and says, ” where is he”,  ” I just heard him” then is angry   because I’M KEEPING HIM FROM HER (YEAH, IN MY HIP POCKET!).  

She has  an amplified phone   to  call   her kids   when she wants,  but as easy as it is to use , she  never remembers  how.   I sometimes call my siblings for back up and give her the phone …they called!

   Every few hours, she’ll say, Sis …I’m hungry,   haven’t eaten  ALL DAY (the other day, she said, just haven’t had any money and shrugged her shoulders).    I just stare at her and    fix   a small (saucer size) plate of food, she eats,  about a  cups worth of food throughout the day.   I’m getting   better at whipping up meals  on the spur of the moment.

   Yes, she still  loves   Hershey’s chocolate bars (6-8 A DAY)  and drinks   milk like it’s coming out of a faucet!    AMAZING!  

  Don’t get me wrong,  I couldn’t be  anywhere  else but caring for her,   even so,  SHE KNOCKS MY SOCKS OFF!  SERIOUSLY!  SCREAMING?  YOU BET I CAN …IF I want to (which I won’t, but I could)   …I heard it with my own ears in my heart of hearts! God loves  me  too! 

CARING Is Sharing/sg

Comments on: "Caring Is Sharing Screaming? Seriously?" (2)

  1. Gosh, life sounds hard at your house. I have a couple of friends who have related similar situations / days. If only screaming would make a difference. May be satisfying for the moment but the next day…

    Keep smiling.


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