A journey in time with Alzheimer's

A memory from my journal – A winter with Mom 2010 – 2011

 Mother  was having lots of anger about not driving.
 Her license had expired and no one wanted it renewed.
 For weeks,  she was talking about wheels.
She said if she had a bicycle, at least she could ride around her land.
Now, mind you, the land’s  very hilly with lots of pot holes,  not user-friendly for a bike rider.
But … Mom was so determined, that I was eventually convinced getting her a bicycle would head off her anger and give her a release.
Well … we went to a nearby store, found what she wanted and took it home.
A basic woman’s bike, with no speeds and no shifting or brakes on the handle bars.
We were   proud that we’d found it,  and it was affordable.
Well  …my siblings  thought I’d lost my marbles.   Looking back, I DID!
To  keep her safe, I hauled that bike down into her basement, where she could have short rides.
What I saw astounded me.   Mom couldn’t even figure out how to sit on the bike, let alone ride it.
So, I learned a hard lesson in caring for Mother. Sometimes the mind wants what it can’t have.
I  know …  I  should have known that.   I  wanted so badly to help her, that I put her   at risk for a fall.
Eventually, she was  totally distracted   from the bike.  It now sits in the basement, unused.  

I guess I’m writing that Raising An Alzheimer’s Mom book as I go.   LIVE AND LEARN!

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