A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Crinkles In The Mirror

Little Mirror
On the wall
Who do you see
Tell …all!
You’re not me
I know it’s true
The me I see
Is not in you!
So why show
All these wrinkles
If … me
Take off the crinkles!
So funny …the me in you
MUST BE … Lady Blue!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ April 3, 2013

Mother says the mirror is old, doesn’t show her! Really!

Comments on: "Crinkles In The Mirror" (3)

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  2. I like how your poetry moves through questions of identity, memory, and want, from the ones that make me feel like crying to the ones, like this poem, that leave me smiling.


    • thank you for visiting Alzheimer’s Trail. Something new everyday with Mother. Her moods change, so then does the poetry …thanks, she’s doing all the heavy lifting, I’m just reporting!


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