A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Yeah …I’ve said that ,  been there done that,  and  now it’s hysterically true  with  Mother.  We’re making circles around circles, it’s so sad. I’ve been watching her for over a year, 24/7. I’m guessing her next moves, her pattern is predictable, usually!    I’m looking from the outside, and she’s dealing with all that confusion on the inside     She loves a steady diet of ROUTINE.  She eats similar foods, textures, colors, bite sizes or mashed. Variety is not her spice of life. I guess our motto is GO WITH  HER  FLOW. Everything really does revolve around her needs, and wants, just like a small child. The difference is THIS CHILD, has physical ailments that need managing  and Mother hates  being  managed. When I watch her wash dishes, I hold myself back from running up and just TURNING THE FAUCET THE RIGHT WAY,  like you’d do for a child learning.  She’s steadily sinking deeper into Alzheimer’s abyss …not a day goes by that I don’t see that.  Keeping upbeat is  a full-time job. When she wakes up moody, seeing my husband or son puts a smile on her face, seeing me, not so much! One could take it personal, her moods.  Since  I’m the one who fixes her medications, and prepares the food, and monitors her moves with EVERYTHING,   I’m   her Fall Guy, I get it.   I’ll always remember a conversation we had when she was on the Behavior Unit at the hospital, she was so lucid, saying , Sis, do what you have to do. She was actually giving me permission to care for her,  keep her safe.   I pray my compassion for her condition never waivers.  I pray God   blesses   her with holding me tight and giving me her fight to go on.

Caring Is Sharing …DAISY DUCK HERE!


Comments on: "Caring Is Sharing …BEEN THERE DONE THAT" (1)

  1. I cannot imagine how tough caring for your mother must be. I have a friend who cared for her mother in law for a while and her MIL constantly fought her. My friend is very sweet and was constantly exhausted. Blessings to you and may the Lord give you the extra strength and energy each day as you need it. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my post, it lead me to yours.


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