A journey in time with Alzheimer's

My First Ever Blog Award!. I am so honored to receive this award from Sherrimatt, a super blogger.  I’ve been blogging for 6 months and still it’s all overwhelming for me.  I will definitely figure out how this all works and pass on the joy you gave to me with your nomination.

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  1. How long did you think about starting a blog before you actually did it? Just a few weeks. I needed to vent!
  2. If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you would do? Probably pass out! Take my family on a trip.
  3. Who do you most admire?   my husband, he’s been so good with my Mom
  4. If you could have any car what would it be?  a Volkswagen bug.
  5. What is your favourite flower?   morning-glory.
  6. What is your favourite all-time movie?  The A-Team.
  7. What was your worst subject in school?  History.
  8. Of all the books you’ve read, which has had the most impact?  The Holy Bible.
  9. Have you ever seen a ghost?  No.
  10. What is your favourite desert?  Right now, homemade ice cream.
  11. If a movie was made about your life which actor would play you?  Sandra Bullock.

 Eleven random facts about myself

 l. I enjoy walking around the track at the high school, and the state park.
2. I keep my feet moving because I have restless legs syndrome.
3. I love the sunshine, and I thank The Lord daily.
4. My childhood dog’s name was Ginger.
5. My best days are when the grandsons come to visit.
6. My Mom’s my prayer partner …now she has Alzheimer’s
7. I got to do something I enjoyed in life and make money too …Nursing
8. I like colors, especially purple.
9. I like to have my nails manicured.
10. I’m a late bloomer to writing, but I’m here, I love it!
ll. I love to hear gospel music about the Lord.

I’m  honored  to accept this award from Sherri, a terrific blogger.   The rules are I must give 11 random facts about myself and answer 11 questions from the one who nominated me.  So here it is.  I’ll be reading blogs over the next few weeks and put my nominations in. I’m very new to blogging and all the avenues it presents,  please  bear   with me.    I’m  blessed to be a part of this.  Thank you all for being out there.

Thank you - for visiting Alzheimer's Trail

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