A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Mission Possible -1

Mom and I went on an outing  on a dreary, over cast day. Took awhile getting out the door, and she actually let me hold her arm  walking  to the car. She gets unsure of herself on damp ground, and she’s fallen a few times in the past month, although she doesn’t remember. She fumbles with the car safety strap, and says, you do it Sis, I’m short today, I knew what she meant, what’s with that! Finally, we get out of the driveway. We’re riding along, to the store to pick up some items for the man, my husband, and Mom is fiddling with her gloves, you remember the exploding gloves poem, well it’s coming to life again. I say, Mom they’re inside out, she frowns, so I say, I’ll use a different word, backwards, she actually smiled. Mind you, she’s not wearing her amplifier, so I’m guessing she’s hearing my voice, since I’ve turned up the volume. Once we’re in the store, Mom loves pushing the cart, makes her smile and expects smiles from everyone. Now, we shop here pretty regular, and you’d think we’d run in to the same people and they’d smile, but no we don’t. Out of a town of 2500 people, we must see them all on given days, and Mom still tries to get a smile out of all of them. Her comments aren’t always positive when they don’t smile! She says they’re  probably sick or ailing, or what Mom! They just don’t want to smile, I’m thinking, but hey what do I know, I say to myself as we stroll through the store. Finally we have our goods and we’re headed to the car. Again she’s allowing me to take her arm, which will make my younger brother happy, I know. We stroll to the car with a guy behind us pushing our goods. Once Mom’s in the car, I finish helping the guy and we’re on our way home. Now mind you, today I’m dealing with Lucid Lucy in part, and it’s a pleasure. On the ride home, we’re listening to mellow music, I cough, Mom says, you’re on my journey, like me. I knew she meant I was coughing like her, but the words she used made me smile, I  WAS ON HER JOURNEY!

Daisy Duck Here …March 22, 2013

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