A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Today is a special day for a friend of mine,  she’s retiring, has worked   40   years  in Nursing in this great state of Texas, USA.  So many memories with Ella, she’s nursed from pillar to post – so many people she’s cared for and so many friends made.  We work for our families, to put a roof over our  heads and food on  our  tables.   I’m grateful to my husband and  son  for  supporting me  in caring  for my Mother.   You know,  retirement means down sizing for most of us, and we had to do it early and it’s ongoing!     God’s  been good to us,  even on Mom’s worst day,  I’m blessed.    I have  help and  support ,  I couldn’t care for her without it!       I’ve had many friends leave Nursing over the past few years, and I miss them dearly.  I get excited when I can help out  (we call that prn or when they need  help for holidays, vacations  etc.) .  Then I   fall in step with my  comrades  and get paid for a day’s work,  so awesome!   I don’t know who came up with the word retirement, because I work harder now than ever….smile.  DAISY DUCK HERE …SIGNING OFF !   LOVE TO ALL  AND TO ALL  A GOOD DAY!  sg

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