A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Memories – Scars

I’ve been told by a friend
Seasons come …to an end
All the sadness …I see
Will dissipate …eventually
No matter how far they roam
In my head …memories are home
I can put them on a shelf
Or in a room …by themselves
Throw away …the key
But …they’d come back
To haunt …me
So …I shall give them
To a friend …the one who
Holds …my heart
He holds the sun and moon and stars
He’s proved His love …He bares the scars.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ February 17, 2013

Talking to a friend of over 25  years, Patricia, is always cathartic for me.  She  pulls me up to reality’s picture.  Our lives are pictures we’ve painted over  time.  The sad memories of Alzheimer’s and some of the awful times Mom and I have shared I give to my friend,  Jesus,  and let them GO!  Thanks Pat for your wisdom, I covet your friendship.

Thank you - for visiting Alzheimer's Trail

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