A journey in time with Alzheimer's

A Web Less Day

Cobwebs have been
Broken apart
Few hanging low
Near your heart.

Soaring … high
Ripped them away
Your frown …is smiling
A web less …day!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ January 28, 2013

Behaviour Unit is doing good things for Mom. They are Angels ….so caring …I’m learning new ways to help and support her. No illusions …we are where we are, but again attitude has all to do with how her day goes, and ultimately mine!

Comments on: "A Web Less Day" (2)

  1. Precisely how long did it take you to write Blackout Shades “A Web Less Day | Alzheimer’s Trail”? It seems to have an awful lot of good advice. With thanks -Rod


    • I’m not sure I ever answered your ques. sometimes poems come to me within hours, other times days and weeks I’m still working on thought. Mom is my muse and it varies how her days go. I brainstorm thoughts and use those thoughts over time.


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