A journey in time with Alzheimer's

It’s been over  two years since I started this journey to find my mom.  November 2010, I went and spent the winter with her, my younger sister was my right hand man.  Without my siblings, I couldn’t have endured. I would call each of them when troubled,  or I  needed to vent!  Our youngest sister had been on the front lines , living 3 miles from mom, for years and noticed changes and slowly I saw the changes . It took me longer,  maybe because I lived  so far away. I had called her lots and visited yearly, but this Alzheimer’s crept up and SLAM!   There it was! I wrote a daily journey for five months during my time back home. I’ve read that journal since …amazing!    How did she manage alone!   Actually, we enabled her as long as was possible in her own home.   She  survived, because of my brother’s and sister’s.  It’s been a team effort for maintaining our mom.   Mom’s physical ailments are stable, she is strong.   Mentally, the Alzheimer’s is slowly fading her memories, she can’t remember how to turn on lights, or use the washing machine, she pauses before using the faucet and often leaves it running,  plus she has arthritis and it slows her down.   I follow-up lots of dishwashing with late night visits with my friend the dishwasher!    She’s  able to care for her personal cares with supervision/or set ups (she thinks she can do everything herself…little does she know).    She  still wants to go home and believes our youngest brother is her ticket back.  Heart breaking for him,  I know.   I am stronger in some ways and weaker in others.  The support of my family makes all the difference, the key to success (if you will), is  SUPPORT…AND LOTS OF IT!  Mom is content most days, until something  jars her memory, or she worries about something, then  she PONDERS! HEAVEN HELP ME WHEN SHE PONDERS!

Thank you - for visiting Alzheimer's Trail

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