A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Walking The Dogs

Lady Blue!

I’m back to walking the dogs
Round and round the track
Stimulating… fresh air
And push the table back.

You sometimes come and watch
As round and round I go
You start and stop a round
I watch you shiver…time to blow!

So out I go, when you’re not
Around the track, bottom to top
After two miles, dogs done
One more lap..then stop, such fun!

To care for you dear Mother
I must care for me too
Round and round the track
Helps me dodge lady blue!

Copyright/ sheila Grimes/ November 3, 2012

Seriously…sometimes lady blue tries to visit me too! I watched dairy cows as a child growing up, they liked to graze in the meadows…mom reminds me of that as she grazes too… plus she says…am I the only one eating and waits for me to sit and eat!  In this area, short term memory is not my friend…smile.

Thank you - for visiting Alzheimer's Trail

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