A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Alone inside

No matter who is around, or where you are
You’re alone with your thoughts, they’re not far
You’re always in the past to wander
And think about thoughts and ponder.

These clusters of thoughts keep you busy
They haunt you night and day
They never leave your side
Never, ever do they go away.

Do you invite them, or do they just drop by
How do they stay without an invitation
Are they family related, or just comfort driven
I don’t get the how and the why!

Wow, I’m getting pulled into your illusions
Heaven knows my heart and my why
But sorry dear mother, I stop in my tracks
As you go further and further…I sigh.

I need only to be here and help you along
To be strong and take care of your needs
I’ll always want you to come to the now
But I’ll take you anyway…anyhow.

Copyright/ Sheila grimes / October 12, 2012

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