A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Run Snoopy Run

Run Snoopy run, get up off the floor
The Blue  Lady’s coming through the door
She’s in that mood … could  last all day
Get up and be gone outside to play.

I wish  a  button  could  make her stop
Giving hateful looks and non-smiles
Creeps me out … her present style
Hopefully … it lasts  just a little while.

Maybe … later … her mood will change
A telephone call to a sibling or two
Usually she  will … laugh … smile
Might … last … the  whole   day through.

So  little friend, …I know you mean well
Playfulness today  won’t  help … I can tell
Been through this … a few times before
Get gone, hurry, out the door.

Snoopy is a male cat  one and a half years old. He loves to play.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ October 18, 2012

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