A journey in time with Alzheimer's

The Purse

Lipstick, gloves, change purse and Kleenex are some of the valuables found in your little black purse.

A comfort for sure when out and about. You have smiles for this little black purse.

It’s familiar, like an ole friend. It triggers memories,  of all that has been.

Sometimes you lose it, now and again. We search in your dresser and every where you have been.

We lift up the mattress, and look beneath chairs, behind doors, and in closets, and even down stairs.

Sometimes, it takes days and days of looking. Then, all of a sudden, it pops up
and it’s right there, in front of you.

You have joy on your face like you’ve found an ole friend.

I’m grateful to this little black purse, it holds treasures of memories for you on this earth.

There’s no better place I’d rather it be, than just where it is, betwixt you and me.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ September 2012

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