A journey in time with Alzheimer's

I think of cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on toasted bread when she babbles and I cannot understand.  I do not say anything, just smile and wait for her to regroup, sometimes that works, and sometimes not. We’ve been on this journey for awhile, and I am still amazed at times like these. Shouldn’t I be able to figure it out, or at least get the gest of her babbling? Evidently not!

Attention!  Grumpy woman in the house!  She comes talking from rooms away and wants immediate attention. There is no reasoning here. I can either ignore, or keep my ears open to her and try and figure out the present need.  I choose the latter out of love for her and a deep desire to keep her in a pleasant mood.

Repetition helps to cement thoughts and skills for future use. But, for her, it’s daily survival . Short term memory loss is her curse.  For me  to stress over it will not change her journey.  I must deal with it as she does, a new challenge daily.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes / September 2012

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