A journey in time with Alzheimer's

The Grasshopper

Grasshopper, grasshopper sitting on the car
Bulging eyes, scrawny legs, are you going far?
Your little feet hold fast and firm
Whenever we stop, start, and turn.
However do you manage to stay
When winds are trying to blow you away.

Mom is worried that  you need to get home
You shouldn’t be out here all alone
There must be a family waiting for you
Precious thought, but I doubt  it’s true.

Since she’s a bit worried, I do my best
To keep you from falling  going east or west
And finally we’re home and you are too
You’ve stayed on board, time to say … adieu.

She’s handling   packages, so, I scoop you up
You wiggle in my hands, like a frisky pup
I toss you into a bed of green clover
You jump high and far, your trip is over!

Copyright / Sheila Grimes / September 22, 2012

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