A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Streets To Nowhere

You wander   streets …  of long ago
Streets …now  vacant … you yearn for them so.

You’re short circuited … long times past
Short waves of time … go  fast.

Walking  in circles … tires you
When you’re  tired … you’re   blue.

Can’t  find a window or a door
Leading  you back … where you’ve been before.

Stay in the  now  … let’s sing songs
Thoughts of yesterday   are   gone.

Keep  memories  … close to your heart
Please stay here mother,  don’t  depart.

Sometimes I see you … lucid times …here
Thoughts flow free … memories  … clear.

Then confusion comes, where do you go?
In  Alzheimer’s abyss …I fear …I know.

copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ September 28, 2012

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