A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Sleepless Nights

The dimness of the evening perplexes me
It should bring comfort to a busy day’s end
But I find you cannot close your eyes to rest
Sometimes you have a nap, or two, at best.

You awaken with a startle and yell, for kids not there
At times,  you come to me with a sad blank stare
I try and help you settle back down, to your bed
But you cannot lie down and rest your head.

You need relief from pestering thoughts of long ago
They come to you so vividly, it saddens me so
You’ve lost so many memories of good times in the past
I fear your times of here and now are fading fast.

I cannot change what’s happening, to you, mother dear
But I can change how I react when you are in such fear
I stand strong and calm and quiet and send my prayers above
And welcome all the blessings, and give you all my love.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes / September 2012

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