A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Heart’s Desire

I have no memory of what you  say, but doubt that it is true
I only know you seem to think the truth is all in you
Your memories collide in time, and ride together there
You think and so it is, keeps me in despair.

I sometimes try to sort it out, and tell you what came first
But that just irritates, and brings confusion at it’s worst
So I shall sit and listen and sort it in my mind
But, lips will not reveal, a single truth I find.

This seems to be a game we play
Seek and find, tis true
But, in the end the find I see
Is truly up to you.

For I must not forget the truth’s irrelevant at this time
You are content to have your thoughts, they bring you peace of mind
Your peace within is peace to all who share this time with you
So be it is my heart’s desire, as we start each day anew.

Copyright / Sheila Grimes / September 2012

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