A journey in time with Alzheimer's

So why have the time at all?  And why give to others that which you will forget in days ahead?  I ponder these questions and still ponder more.  I could be quite depressed, and how would that help my situation?  I dare say,  to be sad and feel lonely, is that not how a depressed person acts or is?  she seems sad and lonely, so she must be depressed,   and yet I see a glimmer of light in her eyes,  at times, and I choose to enhance those times and enjoy her moments of joy, for soon comes the sad and lonely person again to reside for a spell.  So, I shall wait for the sign of the light in her eyes and enjoy her once again.   I have decided that  a  small precious amount of time is worth the wait.

Go away pouncing, prancing feline  friend Snoopy, now is not the time to frolic.  The sad and depressed one is here and she needs  her space to just be.  To be what, you say?  Well, I’m not sure, but we’ll keep her in our sights, safe and sound.  And then, when the glimmer returns to her eyes, we will have the joy  of the moment, however long it lasts, then you can frolic.

You shuffle and  putter  around, looking for you know not what.  You care not why you shuffle, but I know why, and it grieves me.   I watch you, unnoticed, to care for  you.  You cannot see what I see, and you cannot  know what I know of your time.   You are in a different time and place, even though we share the same time and space.  You ponder where your thoughts wander, can I go?  I do not like to wait for you to return to the now.  Soon I shall see the glimmer in your eyes, and you will recall the here and now, and I shall enjoy   your company, if only for awhile.

Thank you - for visiting Alzheimer's Trail

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