A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Survival mode

When a smile is shared, we expect to get one back.  This is not always the case.

Must I smile back at you
When feeling sad or blue
If not …  you’ll surely know
Heart’s hurting  …  let it go!
Lips curl up …  survival mode
Brief encounter … stress unload.

Copyright/Sheila Grimes/Dec. 21,2018


It’s been almost 3 years since my Mom passed away.  I miss her every day.  My tears come without warning.  Small words or actions or situations can trigger my memories.  I know many of you have similar emotions.  I’m now breathing deeper and relaxing my “mind’s eye” as Mom used to say.  I’m committed more than ever to obliviate this dreadful disease.  I’m even on a committee for the Alzheimer’s organization this year helping where I can, learning as I go, so to speak.  I hereby thank the committee here in Northeast Texas chapter out of Dallas, TX for their patience and support.  So many with a commitment to making a difference in others lives.  Alzheimer’s is an awful disease and research is heavy on its heels to eradicate it.  The first survivor is out there, it could be me or you or one of our kids/grandkids/a neighbor/a friend.  Whoever that person is, will receive the blessing of a full life without the torments of a confused mind due to Alzheimer’s.  Please take time in the next few months to learn more about  Alzheimer’s.  Go to alz.org and find gobs of info and if you want to become part of something to help others, (and who knows, you may be helping to find someone in your own family who is the first survivor!) come walk with me by simply donating a few bucks to my walk page.


Mission progress

Just a 4 more days till the Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Longview, Texas.  I’m excited, this will be my 5th year involved with the Alzheimer’s Organization.   I’ve enjoyed raising monies for research, and walking with others who share my plight.

I miss my Mother every day.  Today I gave her walker  to another Mother who had a need.  I know it sounds corny, but I was teary driving home after dropping it off.  She didn’t use it much, said it was for “old” people (she was 89 years old when she passed away in 2015) .

Just finished book #5 (the last  poems I wrote during my Mother’s Alzheimer’s storm.    https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=sheila+wilder+grimes

My prayer is that the monies raised for research will help another child, spouse, friend to have more quality days with their loved ones.  So many younger people are being diagnosed every day with this horrible disease.

Thank you again,  for reading my heart.  I am forever in your debt, because you read my words.  Writing  enabled me to de-stress during the hard times dealing with Mom’s illness.

My mission is finished.  I’m at a loss  the direction I need (want) to take from this point on with my writing,  but I do know it’s been awesome!

In Jesus love for you all,

Sheila Marie Wilder Grimes





Rounding the corner

Walk to End Alzheimer’s 2017The 2017 Walk to End Alzheimer’s (in  my area) is scheduled  (Sep. 23, in Longview, TX). I’m almost done with my 5th and final book of poems from this blog. I am sad this Mom mission is almost over. I’ve traveled many heart miles finishing.  I thank you the readers of Alzheimer’s Trail who have shared my heart. I started this blog in 2012, looking for an out for my stressing heart, writing these poems was cathartic for me. I miss my Mother every day. I’m so blessed to have had a way to cope through the Alzheimer’s storm, many don’t. Again thank you all. See you in the stars!



Looking for home

Looking for home … persevere
Hard finding  it … anywhere
Baffling …  if you’re looking
Everywhere … but elsewhere
In mind’s eye … it’s when
Someone loves you … dearly
Some miss the boat … clearly
Stumbling thru life …  wearily
Home is where one roams free
A place …  no eyes can see
Special feelings from the heart
Where forever memories start.

Copyright/Sheila Grimes/August 26, 2016

I’m that child

I’m that child who hears you call … gazing to the sky
I’m that child who hears you whisper … standing teary eyed
I’m that child who yearns to press my cheek against your breast
I’m that child who chokes within … knowing …  I was blessed!

A year ago August 23, 2015 I was driving home from Colorado (having visited my daughter and family), received a telephone call from my husband that Momma had fallen at the facility where she was living.  He said “get here soon”, “she’s hurt bad”.   The beginning of the end of her life here on earth, she passed ten days later.    It’s been a difficult year.   I’m doing good most days, but I’ll always miss her.  Sheila Kathleen Cranmer was a loving, compassionate person.  I know she loved me and my siblings.  What can be said of a woman who sacrificed so much to keep us safe over the years growing up.  I thank The Lord for a loving Mother.
I’m working on book no. 4 and 5, hopefully both to be out on Amazon.com by years end.  Then, my mission will be complete.  I started on a mission to “find  Momma” in 2010, it ends in 2016 with my blog published in books.  Thanks to all for reading Alzheimer’s Trail and for being out there for me. .  Another walk to end Alzheimer’s is coming to Texarkana, TX,  October lst:


I will be there for sure.  I’ve been involved in the walks since 2012.  I share to bring awareness to Alzheimer’s Disease.  I walk to raise  money for research.
Thank you/sg


Smiles of Angels

My heart’s full, yet grieving today
Another friend … passed away
A short friendship … it’s true
None the less, friends true blue
Amidst life … to and fro
Some smile… kindness bestowed
Like the winds … top hills of snow
Replenishes … fields … below
So  I say …  with loving heart
Turn  frowns  … upside down
Always give your smile away
You never know …come what may
God sends Angels/ friends our way.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ August 2, 2016



A guiding star

Happier than you’ve ever been
Heavenly days, with Jesus your friend
Many people, you led His way
It’s all in your … resume’
Many hearts, happiness abounds
Because you shone His light around
Earth is a sweeter place … by far
Because you were … a guiding star!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ August 1, 2016


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